Cannabis Oil for Sale in South Africa

People all over the country are in a need of high quality, medical grade cannabis oil in South Africa. The cannabis oil which we, at cannabisoilonline.co.za base our articles and research on, is a top grade medical cannabis oil which has undergone a pure solvent free extraction process where it was not stored in syringes. The medical cannabis oil that we have come across in South Africa is being manufactured with the use of the highest quality equipment and ingredients. Our producers pay endless attention to the level of quality of the product that they place on the market. It is quite unfortunate is that there are only a handful of suppliers that we would recommend to our users. With that said, there are always a few sketchy producers that do not care about the health of their clients or how to treat their diseases.

Cannabis Oil Scam
in South Africa

Beware and don't buy if you have any doubts.

Note that you should never buy oil that is black like tar or comes in a syringe, indicating that it has been produced by use of a crude extraction method. The black colour and texture is due to butane. This is unhealthy and unclean. Patients who make use of cannabis for medical purposes, already have fragile systems. They must avoid adding extra stress to their bodies by consuming an inferior and low quality product.

If you or somebody close to you is hoping to find high-quality cannabis oil for sale, feel free to contact us. We have a group of specialists on hand who will be gladly advise the best product for your particular case. We realise that due to the grey area that cannabis oil falls in when it comes to the law, it can be hard to find a quality supplier who will provide you with exactly what you need.

How much is the Cannabis Oil in South Africa

The price of cannabis oil is directly linked to the amount of raw cannabis that is required in order to make the cannabis oil. Industry standards indicate that 10gms of raw cannabis - results in 1gm of quality cannabis oil. If you consider that 1gm of quality cannabis can be sold for R100 to R150 on the market - the costs to produce the final product is very high. Therefore, when buying quality medical cannabis oil in SA, do not be shocked when the cost ranges from R800 to R1200 per 10ml.

If you would like to learn more about our medical cannabis oil products, do not hesitate to contact us.