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Cannabis Economy For Healthy Choices

Cannabis Economy For Healthy Choices

Join the cannabis economy if you want to make healthy choices. Boost the cannabis economy by supporting those who grow and make the cannabis products that help you. Medical cannabis has for centuries been used as an alternative therapy by people all over the world. Now, it is making a come back as we all start to realise how so many medications are ruining lives while supposedly healing maladies. They are causing secondary illnesses while supposedly curing others. The opiate addiction pandemic, for example, is killing people every day, while chemotherapy dulls every day for patients living with its terrible side effects. Meanwhile, the cannabis economy is growing, for healthy choices are on the up and the world is waking up. Cannabis is slowly being legalised in more countries for both medical and recreational uses.

Cannabis is Good for You – and the Economy

Surveys and research studies are showing that more people are trying, and using, cannabis than ever before. But still more research is needed into why cannabis is so great and how it heals so well. Cannabis oils have successfully treated common ailments like pain, inflammation, headaches, sore joints, backache, insomnia and lack of appetite. And patients have found huge relief from cancer, chemotherapy, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and others. In the United States of America, nearly half of the 50 states have legalised cannabis for medical use and about 9 have legalised cannabis for recreational use, the latest being California. The cannabis economy is growing for the healthy choices we all make.

CBD is as Natural Medication

Authorities want to know why cannabis should be legalised, why medical cannabis should be sold in the same way that other drugs are sold – in pharmacies or as prescribed by doctors. There are so many reasons why cannabis should be allowed as a natural therapy. The more we all make healthy choices, the more we can all help grow the cannabis economy. Cannabidiol (CBD), is a non-psychoactive chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. This cannabinoid has very strong medicinal and therapeutic effects from the most common conditions to the most chronic diseases.
Recent cannabis research has identified CBD as a great product to treat cancer, Fibromyalgia, depression, ADHD, Crohn’s Disease, Anxiety and many more.

Legalised Cannabis Boosts the Economy

Tests on adults show that cannabis oil provides pain relief and reduces muscle spasms associates with multiple sclerosis. Patients on chemotherapy feel instant relief from nausea and vomiting, insomnia and lack of appetite when they take CBD oil alongside their chemo. If cannabis is made legal, it will be available to treat all of these conditions and to be a general daily health booster for those who care about being healthy.

It is interesting to note that the USA cannabis economy is worth more than $110 billion! But arresting people for possession of cannabis costs the country $8 billion per year! Economists are now saying that legalising cannabis could swell the country’s coffers with an additional $100 billion a year. Medical cannabis dispensaries have to pay taxes which boosts the income of states where medical cannabis is legal. Washington can bring in $2 billion in taxes over 5 years while Colorado can bring in $600 million. These sums make sense to many people who want to see cannabis legalised worldwide.

The cannabis economy is growing, for healthy choices make a difference. Contact us to find out which cannabis oil products suit your lifestyle and why you should invest in cannabis as a health therapy.



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