Beating Ovarian Cancer with Cannabis Oil

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20th February 2018
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27th February 2018
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Beating Ovarian Cancer with Cannabis Oil

Beating Ovarian Cancer with Cannabis Oil

Women who are unlucky to hear that they have ovarian cancer will be anxious to know that beating ovarian cancer with cannabis oil is possible. Scientists are discovering the hidden powers of cannabis oil as they do tests in labs – cannabinoids have fantastic cancer-fighting properties which can assist women with ovarian cancer. Some patients take cannabis oil alongside their chemotherapy to benefit from the relief of both cancer and chemo side effects.

Cannabinoids Can Beat Cancer Symptoms

Cannabis contains up to 200 cannabinoids which have natural therapeutic powers. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are commonly used in cancer treatment as they fight pain, inflammation, depression and other symptoms. Patients need to take THC in consultation with a doctor as it is psychoactive. CBD is non-psychotic and a great health tonic. Take it for insomnia, stress, depression, lack of appetite, weight loss, nausea, vomiting and pain – all the symptoms of chemotherapy and cancer.

Cannabis Oil Can Benefit Cancer Patients

Cannabis oil infused with cannabinoids like CBD and THC can be used for beating ovarian cancer as the cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system. They cling to the receptors CB1 and CB2 in the body, showing aggression towards alien cancer cells and defending healthy cells in the process of forcing cancer cells to die. Cannabinoids can even have a greater success in stopping the formation of tumours than chemotherapy.

Doctors have recommended patients take both cannabis oil and chemotherapy to get the benefits of both remedies for ovarian cancer. CBD and THC have been found to stop cancer cells forming tumours, preventing new blood vessels from growing tumours and the spread of these around the body. Studies are still ongoing but cannabis oil can be used to beat the symptoms of ovarian cancer, promoting a better quality of life.

Cannabis is still illegal in many countries and medical cannabis is slowly gaining recognition as a successful natural therapy. It needs to be removed from lists that classify it as a Schedule 1 drug so that doctors can treat patients and do more research. Investment in medical cannabis oil could start a whole new movement to fight cancer, including ovarian cancer.

What Exactly is Ovarian Cancer?

The seventh most common cancer among women, this cancer targets the ovaries where tumours form. The cancer often escapes detection as symptoms are not picked up in time. These include increased urination, constipation or diarrhea, swelling of the abdomen, pain the lower back and abdomen, shortness of breath, getting full quickly, extreme tiredness and leg swelling. But women often push these symptoms away, taking a pill and ignoring the fact they feel uncomfortable. Eventually they will feel nausea, in pain, weight loss and lack of appetite – but this is when the cancer has spread and things are now serious. Seeing a gynaecologist annually is recommended to avoid mis-diagnosis.

New Therapies Like Cannabis Oil Welcomed

To date, there are no advanced treatment choices for ovarian cancer which is why the use of cannabis oil is welcomed. Scientists have found that human ovarian cancer cells contained a higher count of receptors CB1 and CB2 – cannabinoids CBD and THC cling to these receptors and decrease the capability of cancer cells spreading and forming tumours. Studies have revealed that cannabinoids can force cancer cells to commit suicide and can stop them spreading around the body.

Cannabinoids interact with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system to help the immune system fight back. The use of cannabis oil can be a new therapy for the treatment of cancer. Doctors like the fact that cannabis oil exhibits no side effects or addictions in patients. THC would need to be taken with guidance to avoid the high and addiction occurring.

Beating ovarian cancer with cannabis oil is increasingly possible as research continues and as regulations on the use of medical cannabis oil ease. Chat to us about your cannabis oil requirements.




  1. EJ McWoods says:

    My mom has had ovarion cancer for 8 years now and still is fighting. She isnt taking chemo anymore and i need to know the best cannabis oil or pills to get her to intake on a daily. Can someone PLEASE?!!!

  2. Jamie Cunningham says:

    My mum has been in hospital for a week with a swollen stomach and as of yet has only just been told it looks like cancer, possibly a secondary cancer and also it appears to be advanced. she will be getting a needle biopsy tomorrow and hopefully have some fluid drained, then home to wait fir the biospy results and start chemo…
    I have been searching the i ternet for alternative treatments and on top of getting her vitimans, healthy foods and all the usual supplements, i also want her to try cannabis oil…
    Is there any information or sources you could provide on taking the oil, dosage etc that i could read up on and show her?
    Im just looking fir any help and advice at all because i dont believe for one moment the orthadox methods of treatment are whats best…
    Cheers on advance

  3. nancy says:

    currently using rso since 11/2017 for ovc. took 20 ml first four months to get acclimated. can now take 1 ml per day with no debilitating high. had 32 chemo applications. quit chemo when i became allergic to carbo. no blood test yet. hard to get enough calories

  4. michelle says:

    My mum has been using cannabis oil to treat her ovarian cancer, but her supplier went on holiday without letting her know and she therefore had no oil for 1 week, in the middle of her treatment, will this affect her treatment, will she need to extend the length of time she takes it for?

  5. Sybel says:

    I need more info regarding this treatment

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