Medical Cannabis is Drug of Choice in UK

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14th February 2018
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Medical Cannabis is Drug of Choice in UK

Medical Cannabis is Drug of Choice in UK

The latest news for alternative health fans is that medical cannabis is the drug of choice in the UK. People are taking cannabidiol products off the shelves of health shops in their droves but cannabis per se is still illegal in the UK. This will change fast – already, the first medical cannabis conference will be held this year in London and everyone who is someone in the cannabis arena will be there. Cannabis users believe that with so many people choosing medical cannabis as their drug of choice in the UK, the country is on the edge of a huge change where cannabis will be decriminalised. Investment in cannabis could be huge and in Israel it is already a multibillion-dollar industry. It is also one of the fastest growing industries in America as medical cannabis becomes legal in more states.

Huge Money to Be Made in Medical Cannabis

Forecasters are saying that by 202, the global cannabis trade will be worth $100 billion – a far cry from its $20 billion today. The use of medical cannabis is still controversial as some cannabinoids do affect the mind and body if taken irresponsibly. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a common chemical compound derived from cannabis which makes the user high. It is a psychotic compound and should be used with caution. If used in conjunction with cannabidiol (CBD), it is safe and is a wonderful healing substance. THC has given cannabis a bad name as it is a recreational “drug” which has been smoked for thousands of years and which can be abused and cause addiction. Hence the complexities of medical cannabis regulations.

CBD is Much Safer than Opiates

CBD is a great natural remedy that treats all kinds of common and chronic ailments – from anxiety and insomnia to cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease. If medical cannabis is the drug of choice in the UK, this reveals a lot about the state of medicines and what people want. Taking pharmaceuticals which have nasty side effects is not for everyone. The opiate epidemic in the USA is scary and people are questioning why so many people are hooked on pain killers and not finding relief from their mental and physical anguish. Medical cannabis is a far safer route to take where virtually no side effects impact the user.

Strict Regulations for Cannabis as a Drug of Choice

The UK government knows that cannabidiol is popular and is falling off the shelves as people self-medicate. Their dream is to be able to use medical cannabis as a choice of drug, instead of having to take opiates or other harmful pharmaceuticals.. The government is adamant that cannabis should undergo the same regulations as other new medicines and await consent from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Above all, medical cannabis must be safe. There are very few sanctioned cannabis medications in the UK at the moment despite the need to make medical cannabis the drug of choice. But Sativex is available for those suffering multiple sclerosis as it improves muscle control and spasms. CBD will soon be the main ingredient in many new cannabis products as the law changes.

Meanwhile, investors are stirring the growing cannabis pot and international cannabis companies are showing interest in the UK. Every cannabis plant is different and every person reacts differently to CBD and THC. These dynamics need to be tested and noted during any trials or legal movements to have medical cannabis the drug of choice in the UK. Any medical cannabis facility will be treated like any other drug company and will have to undergo strict screening and safety precautions.

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