Treating Children with Cannabis Oil – Is it OK?

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27th February 2018
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6th March 2018
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Treating Children with Cannabis Oil – Is it OK?

Treating Children with Cannabis Oil – Is it OK?

Medical cannabis has come out of the closet and is now available in many countries but we still need to ask whether it is OK to be treating children with cannabis oil. When is treating children with cannabis oil OK – and why should it not be OK? It may seem shocking to many parents that some people would even consider giving their children something illegal or something with such a stigma attached to it. There is a need for more education and awareness around the subject of cannabis oil and children.

There are some doctors who prescribe pediatric cannabis for common issues like flu, and for chronic diseases and pain like broken bones and cancer. More doctors are becoming enlightened about the pros regarding cannabis oil and do allow children to take it when they suffer severe pain, seizures and other childhood diseases. Some doctors argue that denying a sick child cannabis oil is unethical. A child on chemotherapy for cancer cannot lose if he takes cannabis oil as well – a natural therapy that is known to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and the symptoms of cancer.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis is made up of cannabinoids which are chemical compounds which naturally interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the better cannabinoids, with no side effects and a known health therapy. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the cannabinoid which gives the high and would not be suitable for children UNLESS it is mixed with CBD. It then loses its psychoactive qualities and heals whatever needs to be healed.

There is a definite lack of evidence regarding cannabis oil on humans as trials only use animals or are processed in laboratories. In many parts of America, doctors may not prescribe cannabis oil to children, but may recommend the herb and allow the parents to take it further.

Treating children with cannabis oil is OK in these scenarios:

  • Cancer – cannabis can provide enormous relief from the pain and stress of having cancer. Taken alongside chemotherapy, cannabis oil can bring relief from nausea and vomiting, lack of sleep and appetite, depression and anxiety, and pain. Laboratory research has shown cannabis oil fighting cancer cells and reducing tumours and there is much anecdotal evidence that cannabis oil has “cured cancer”.
  • Epilepsy – childhood seizures can be life-threatening and doctors are now finding that cannabis oil brings relief to children who have Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome which are conditions affecting children and causing many seizures daily. In some cases, the cannabis oil reduced the number and intensity of seizures, allowing the children a better quality of life and the chance to learn and fill their days without being overwhelmed with seizures.
  • Autism – parents who give their children cannabis oil for autism have reported that their children are less aggressive and display less injury to themselves when they take cannabis oil. They are also able to communicate better and hold their own in a social setting. One mother even tried THC for her child which allowed him to interact with other children and to laugh – things he really struggled to do naturally.
  • Pediatric disease – CBD can relax muscles, reduce pain and inflammation, reduce nausea and vomiting, assist with other medication and reduce depression which makes it a good option for childhood diseases such as muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, head traumas, cancer, failure to thrive and bad accidents.

Parents can update their knowledge about cannabis oil and ask their paediatricians for assistance when they want to know if it is OK to treat children with cannabis oil. This would be a matter of personal choice and safety for the children. Consider that so many pharmaceuticals have terrible side effects and cannabis oil has none! Then ask yourself: “What have I got to lose? Treating children with cannabis oil – is it OK?” Contact us for any advice about cannabis oil.


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