Why Chinese Women Don’t Get Breast Cancer

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Why Chinese Women Don’t Get Breast Cancer

Every women dreads getting breast cancer in today’s toxic world, but the big question is: Why don’t Chinese women get breast cancer? There are definitely fewer Asian women who get any cancer and more Western women who get cancer. In fact, the leading cause of death in cancer among women is breast cancer. Breast cancer starts in the mammary glands, as thickened tissue and cells go crazy, forming tumours.

Some of the Risks For Getting Breast Cancer

  • Age – older women are prone to breast cancer, age 55 and older
  • History – if someone in your family had breast cancer, you are more at risk
  • High levels of estrogen i.e. early menstruation and late menopause
  • Obesity and lack of exercise – you need to be healthy, fit and slim to avoid breast cancer
  • Drinking alcohol and consuming sugar – unhealthy diets create risks
  • Eating dairy and meat

Chinese Women Don’t Eat Dairy

No cheese, no milk, no yoghurt, no butter. They only eat a little meat, in proportion to their other foods such as rice, noodles, vegetables and fish. When Chinese women start to follow a Western type of diet, they get more cancer. One British woman decided to look into the Chinese lifestyle when she got breast cancer. Professor Jane Plant decided to fight her cancer when she and her husband found that the Chinese way of eating comprised much less fat than Western diets. And the Chinese do not eat dairy foods.

So, when Jane cut out all dairy from her own diet, her tumour, in the fifth round of cancer she was experiencing, vanished. Some studies on women, breast cancer and dairy products have found that consuming low fat dairy is better than eating full fat dairy as the chances of getting cancer are lower. Jane found that eating no dairy, however, can prevent cancer and cause tumours to disappear.

Foods to Eat Based on the Chinese Diet

  • Whole grains – eat more rye, brown rice, etc instead of white processed grains such as white rice, white flour and pasta
  • Eat fish every week – the Chinese tend to eat it every day – and feel the benefits of fish oil
  • Eat more eggs – the Chinese incorporate eggs into soups and rice dishes
  • Eat something warm with every meal such as a soup – avoid drinking water and cold alcoholic drinks with food
  • Spinach – eat more green vegetables which contain plenty of folate and Vitamin B, which help to prevent breast cancer
  • Soy – eat more legumes and pulses instead of meat – these help balance hormones
  • Walnuts – eat more nuts and seeds for natural oils, omegas, antioxidants and protein
  • Pomegranates and blueberries – for more antioxidants and enzymes that help fight cancer
  • Broccoli and mushrooms – they contain the right constituents to keep bodies healthy and free of free radicals
  • Cut out all dairy and have little meat

The Chinese tend to eat three balanced meals a day with some meat, some rice or noodles and plenty of vegetables, plus soup or green tea to drink. Stick to low fat foods, antioxidants and make sure two thirds of your diet is vegetables. Take the alternative route to health and beat breast cancer. Take Professor Jane Plant’s advice and find out why Chinese women don’t get breast cancer.



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