Follow these Easy Steps to Avoid Cannabis Oil Contamination

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7th March 2018
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Follow these Easy Steps to Avoid Cannabis Oil Contamination

Follow these Easy Steps to Avoid Cannabis Oil Contamination

Follow these easy steps to avoid cannabis oil contamination in your home if you are concerned about the quality of the medical cannabis oil you are using. Regulations in the medical cannabis oil industry should control such issues as contamination. But often the cannabis sucks up toxins in the soil which affect the final product. Tests should reveal contaminants such as lead, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemicals. They should also detect bacteria, mould and fungi on the product which can make the user very ill.

First ask yourself these easy questions:

  • Who can I trust as my supplier?
  • What kinds (strains) of cannabis is my supplier selling and where did he get them?
  • What are the conditions for production of the product from the raw cannabis?
  • What regulations are in play here?
  • Are these regulations being obeyed?
  • How do I consume this cannabis oil?

If you live in a country where cannabis oil is legal, strict regulations should ensure every cannabis product is clean, healthy and ethical. This will help to avoid cannabis oil contamination. In California, USA, there are special licenses for cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, micro-businesses, testing laboratories, and event organizers. These entities can now get their license and begin operating in California’s newly-legal commercial cannabis market. This makes it easier, yet more controlled, for the more than 2,500 cannabis operators in the largest cannabis market in the country. Where there are rules, there are controls and this should do away with any contamination issues.

Follow These Easy Steps to Avoid Cannabis Oil Contamination

  • Choose a reputable source – avoid the black market consisting of desperados who want to make a fast buck and do not have any ethics. Choose a company that is well-known, has a license and is used by people you know.
  • Buy high quality cannabis oil – make sure your cannabis oil is organic and pure, created in a clean factory where regulations are followed. If the flowers of the cannabis are contaminated with pesticides or fertilizers, it will come through into the oil.
  • Do the sensory tests – does it look healthy? does it smell robust and earthy? does it feel crumbly or sticky, grainy or smooth? Remember that low quality cannabis is often not dried properly so can develop mould and bacteria; it looks dull and may be covered with white grainy residues which are chemicals or pesticides. It may also smell weak and will make you cough.
  • Contact the grower and ask them how they grow their cannabis – organically or using pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals on a grand scale.
  • Ask about how cannabis oil is extracted from the raw plant – these methods should be healthy and safe. If harmful solvents are used, what is the point as they are unhealthy. Which solvent is used: olive oil, coconut oil, ethanol, petroleum ether or naphtha? Olive oil and ethanol are safest.
  • Ask whether CO2 extraction is used – this method does not use any solvent. This is an expensive method therefore rarely used: carbon dioxide is compressed until it turns into a supercritical fluid (it can act as a gas or a liquid). This then strips away the essential oils in the plant and the oil therefore contains more terpenes, which add quality to a medical cannabis oil.
  • What carrier agent does the cannabis oil need? – The body absorbs cannabis oil better when it is blended with an organic carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil, hemp seed or grapeseed oil. Check your cannabis oil for these pure ingredients only.

A very important part of buying pure cannabis oil is the issue of testing and certifications. This is called standard regulations and should be followed by every manufacturer of cannabis products. Lab tests should test how terpenes affect the smell of the cannabis, which solvents are being used, whether pesticides remain in the final product, and whether all labeling is honest and true.

We can assist you to avoid cannabis oil contamination if you follow these easy steps. Contact us for any advice and access to pure, organic cannabis oil and related products.


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