Get Healthy – Take Cannabis Oil Today

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27th March 2018
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Get Healthy – Take Cannabis Oil Today

You can take cannabis oil every day and get healthy. Treat cannabis oil as your daily natural supplement and you will be free from niggles of dis-ease.  For cannabis oil is packed with good-for-you cannabinoids that keep your body and mind in balance. Get healthy and take your cannabis oil today – cannabis oil online can assist you with the right oil and dosage for your needs. We recommend a little bit of cannabidiol (CBD) and a little bit of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or a blend of the two. These common chemical compounds do treat many diseases, and maintain the body’s present health status quo.

Cannabinoids Keep the Immune System Healthy

Studies have been done into how the cannabinoids work in relation to the body’s own endocannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system. The cannabis cannabinoids mimic endocannabinoids, clinging to proteins and regulating a receptor’s performance. CBD interacts mainly with CB2 receptors, found mainly in the immune system, where they decrease inflammation and pain. CB1 receptors occur mostly in the brain and central nervous system and are related to movement, coordination, emotions, and many different functions of the hormones and senses. THC usually clings to these receptors. CBD is not psychoactive so does not alter the mind in any way, which THC does. Blending THC with CBD mitigates the psychotic properties of the compound and you have a powerful healing therapy for most illnesses.

Get Healthy an Take CBD Cannabis Oil Today

  • For nausea and vomiting – people have used cannabis for centuries for nausea and vomiting. CBD is a beneficial anti-nausea and antiemetic especially when taken in low doses.
  • Diabetes – CBD has a positive impact on glucose, insulin and insulin resistance – people who took CBD had lower fasting insulin levels and smaller waists. CBD can assist with preventing diabetes and obesity.
  • Anti-psychotic – CBD acts in a similar way to antipsychotic drugs used for behavioural issues. It has been used to treat patients with schizophrenia in a bid to prevent psychosis and is a safe medication, with no side effects.
  • Pain and inflammation – CBD is mostly used for pain and inflammation as the cannabinoid tends to hinder the transmission of neurons along pain pathways to the brain. The use of CBD does not build up a tolerance against the pain threshold as happens when taking other pharmaceutical drugs. People get addicted to these opiates when they no longer treat the pain. CBD can be used long term with no side effects and is very useful in treating arthritic conditions too.
  • Anxiety and depression – treating anxious patients with CBD greatly reduced their anxiety, cognitive impairment and allowed them to relax before giving speeches. It is used successfully to treat social anxiety disorder and post traumatic stress disorder making it a good anxiolytic substance.
  • Heart health – CBD protects the heart against too much glucose, inflammation and prevents vascular hyperpermeability which is   Vascular hyperpermeability, the extreme leaking of fluid and proteins from blood vessels after a trauma.

CBD-infused cannabis oil is good for your health and you can get healthy if you take it today. Just ask us about the right form of cannabis oil and add it to your medicinal collection at home!


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