If you Suffer from Sleep Disruptions, Take Cannabis Oil

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4th July 2018
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If you Suffer from Sleep Disruptions, Take Cannabis Oil

Sleep is something we all need for optimum health. If you suffer from sleep disruptions, take cannabis oil. You need that sleep to be able to enjoy the new day ahead and you need that sleep for crucial physiological and emotional functioning. Cannabis oil is an antioxidant which does not affect you in any other way except to enable sleep. You need to choose cannabidiol (CBD) because this chemical compound is non-psychoactive and will enable calmness and sleep. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a cannabinoid that makes you alert so this would not work for sleep disruptions – it is psychoactive and known to make the user feel euphoric.

What are Sleep Disruptions?

Anything that comes between you and a good night’s sleep is a sleep disruption. Some sleep disruptions are related to medical issues or mental problems or nerve conditions. Parasomnias are sleep disorders of waking at night, partially waking at night or having difficulties transitioning between various sleep stages. Dyssomnias are issues where  you battle for fall asleep and stay asleep or you are always very sleepy. Lack of sleep can be dangerous as it affects the way we live our lives – people fall asleep behind the car wheel or become angry and irritable at the slightest upset. Soome people experience somnolence when they lose attention during the day, during important tasks such as even flying a plane. This can be caused by medication, addictive substances or obstructive sleep apnea at night which tires the person out in the day. If you suffer from such sleep disruptions, take cannabis oil.

Cannabis Oil Can Relieve Sleep Disruptions

Studies are increasingly finding that CBD can improve sleep disorder symptoms. It is a useful treatment for insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression. Scientists have found that CBD is useful for people who wake during REM sleep as it blocks REM sleep and reduces anxiety by calming brain activity that causes people to awaken during REM sleep cycles. Taking a good solid dose of CBD at bed time will enrich sleep so that people sleep deeper and do not even remember their dreams. The endocannabinoid system regulates sleep patters and the CBD binds to CB1 receptors in the brain. It is able to block the metabolism cannabinoids and slow down the irregular signaling of synapses in the brain that cause people to wake up at night.

Take cannabis oil if you suffer from sleep disruptions as this cannabinoid is a now de-stressor and inflammation and pain reliever. It also reduces anxiety which is often the cause of sleep disruptions. CBD enhances sleep patterns and allows a restorative sleep at night. This in turn ensures a healthy body and mind and the ability to get through busy days full of energy and vigour.


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