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16th Dec 2018
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Use Cannabis Oil for Epilepsy – Does it Work?

Use cannabis oil for epilepsy. It does work and this is the reason why doctors are considering medical cannabis oil as a legal natural drug.

Cannabis Oil Works for Epilepsy

Cannabis Oil Online knows that cannabis oil has a positive effect on epilepsy seizures. Consider that cannabis oil comprises hundreds of healing cannabinoids.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are the most prominent cannabinoids – both used medicinally. tHC oils are illegal. THC is still considered a drug that can be abused and that causes addiction. This can be true, depending on who is taking it and how they are taking it.

Cannabis Oil Works to Reduce Seizures

Studies have found that CBD can benefit specific types of epilepsy, especially Dravet syndrome and Lennox Gastaut syndrome. Patients who suffer these diseases are usually prescribed heavy pharmaceutical drugs which have harmful side effects.

CBD is a natural anti-convulsant and anti-inflammatory. Children can take CBD safely. Several anecdotal accounts describe how children with epilepsy took CBD and benefitted. The cannabis oil reduced the intensity and frequency of their seizures. CBD is also a great way to reduce insomnia, increase appetite, increase focus and decrease anxiety. These symptoms all come with having epilepsy.

Relieve Epilepsy with CBD Oil

Epilepsy patients who have tried CBD because prescribed medications render them useless are relieved to find something that works. These patients can gradually wean themselves off their medications, taking only CBD. This way, there are no side effects or damage to organs.

Always check with your doctor first if you are going to give CBD to your child for seizures. It should not interfere with other medication. Often, CBD can benefit other medication as it reduces side effects such as nausea, pain or lack of motivation. CBD is a good idea in that it reduces symptoms of epilepsy and gives the patient an improved quality of life.

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