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4th Dec 2018
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6th Dec 2018
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What is CBD Oil and Is It Worth It?

What is the big brouhaha about cannabis oil? What is CBD Oil and is it worth it? Why is CBD the word around town these days? It seems that more people are choosing medical grade cannabis oil to treat their respective illnesses.

CBD Oil for Children Too

Mothers are treating children with epilepsy. Other paatients are breaking away from pharmaceutical drugs and their harsh side effects. All of them are using non-invasive, yet very effective, CBD cannabis oils. They are self-medicating a multitude of issues successfully.

Cannabis oil is a panacea – a universal cure, cure-all, elixir and wonder drug. People around the world cure all kinds of ailments with CBD. They have been doing this for years to maintain the perfect state of health. Nearly 100 cannabinoids or chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant (flowers) have unique qualities. We focus on the two main cannabinoids:

  • Cannibidiol (CBD) – this common cannabinoid does not make you high and is a wonderful relaxant and anti-inflammatory. It is only recently that CBD has been recognised as a medical therapy that can treat myriad conditions from insomnia to cancer.
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the main chemical compound in the cannabis plant which is psychoactive therefore makes you high. It can ease pain, inflammation and treats many mental illnesses if used wisely and in tandem with CBD.

CBD and THC in cannabis can be used medically to treat pain, nausea, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis muscle spasms, seizures caused by epilepsy, and trauma. Cannabinoids also decrease brain damage associated with Alzheimer’s Disease, and slow down the spread of cancer by targeting cancerous tumours.

Cannabinoids Are Worth It

Cannabinoids bind to cells with help from two groups of molecules called receptors. CB1 receptors occur mostly in the brain, where new memories are created and where pain is perceived. CB2 receptors are found mainly in the immune system which stimulates inflammation if there is any disease of the body.

THC tends to bind with CB1 receptors in the brain, reducing the release of various signalling molecules, including dopamine. This explains the high people feel when taking THC. The THC also stimulates appetite, overpowers nausea and interrupts the spread of pain signals. THC can also be used to disturb the growth of cancer cells as it binds to the CB2 receptors on these cells, thereby not affecting the healthy cells at all.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is A Natural Therapy

Cannabis oil is a long-term treatment that has been used by centuries to cure hundreds of human ailments. From the common cold and insomnia, to cancer and Parkinson’s Disease, cannabis oil is a natural therapy without any terrible side effects.  What is more, you don’t have to get high to benefit from taking cannabis: you can avoid the cannabinoids that are psychoactive and still benefit from taking cannabis oil.

Recovery Connection reckons that “Both scientific studies and anecdotal evidence reveal that CBD oil is helpful in reducing the symptoms of a wide variety of ailments. Although some of the health issues may differ, recent studies have shown that the body’s endocannabinoid system is the common thread. Named after the cannabis plant, the endocannabinoid system consists of receptors & molecules that inhabit the brain, organs, glands, and cells within the human body.”

Chat to us about CBD and whether it is worth it – we say YES!

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