Panacea cannabis oil tincture 10 ml
27th October 2017
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Panacea Pain Balm with cannabis oil

R 950


  • Immidiate pain releif
  • Great medical value
  • No liver damage
  • Ultra strong
  • No smell

Avalable in 120ml.

Ultra Strength Pain Relief Balm with cannabis  oil

Our biggest pain seller.

CBD/THC Panacea blend has very strong medicinal and therapeutic effects for even the most common conditions.
The cannabis oil is used as a main active ingredient. We mixed it with shea butter and essential oils to give you the best results at the best price for ultra strong, ultra fast localised pain relief.

Recent cannabis research has identified cannabis oil balm to be the great product to treat:

  • arthritis
  • pain
  • skin conditions
  • and many many many more…