15th Mar 2018

Business Bites the Cannabis Cookie

Business Bites the Cannabis Cookie Big businesses are saying that investing in cannabis is probably the biggest thing they will do since the internet! So are more businesses going to bite the cannabis cookie and get high? Many potential entrepreneurs and funders seen cannabis as a huge cookie they want to bite into – there are profits to be made. And because this is a relatively new business with more destinations becoming legal cannabis growers and sellers, the business side of cannabis will still develop. Cannabis and its Reputation But cannabis does still have a bad name in many states of the USA and in places like South Africa, where it is still illegal. In South Africa, citizens may grow and use cannabis at home but may not be seen using it as a recreational drug in public. And the medical cannabis industry has yet to hear the final findings […]
31st Jan 2018

Cannabis Economy For Healthy Choices

Cannabis Economy For Healthy Choices Join the cannabis economy if you want to make healthy choices. Boost the cannabis economy by supporting those who grow and make the cannabis products that help you. Medical cannabis has for centuries been used as an alternative therapy by people all over the world. Now, it is making a come back as we all start to realise how so many medications are ruining lives while supposedly healing maladies. They are causing secondary illnesses while supposedly curing others. The opiate addiction pandemic, for example, is killing people every day, while chemotherapy dulls every day for patients living with its terrible side effects. Meanwhile, the cannabis economy is growing, for healthy choices are on the up and the world is waking up. Cannabis is slowly being legalised in more countries for both medical and recreational uses. Cannabis is Good for You – and the Economy Surveys […]