19th Jun 2018

CBD Can Be Used to Treat Your Child’s Anxiety

If you have been wondering about cannabis oil and whether your children can take it, you can rest assured. CBD can be used to treat your child’s anxiety – quite safely. Because CBD is cannabidiol, a cannabinoid or chemical compound that has no side effects and is a panacea for all kinds of health issues. CBD is a known anti -anxiety medication which is completely natural, therefore safe for your child. CBD Oil for Anxiety Ideal for Your Child Cannabis contains many different cannabinoids and only one of them is psychoactive – namely tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This one is not ideal to use for your child’s anxiety but CBD is. And scientists have discovered that if THC is blended with CBD, where the ratio of CBD is higher, it is no longer psychoactive. This is because CBD is anti-psychoactive. What CBD does is it heads straight for the amygdala in […]
28th Feb 2018

Treating Children with Cannabis Oil – Is it OK?

Treating Children with Cannabis Oil – Is it OK? Medical cannabis has come out of the closet and is now available in many countries but we still need to ask whether it is OK to be treating children with cannabis oil. When is treating children with cannabis oil OK – and why should it not be OK? It may seem shocking to many parents that some people would even consider giving their children something illegal or something with such a stigma attached to it. There is a need for more education and awareness around the subject of cannabis oil and children. There are some doctors who prescribe pediatric cannabis for common issues like flu, and for chronic diseases and pain like broken bones and cancer. More doctors are becoming enlightened about the pros regarding cannabis oil and do allow children to take it when they suffer severe pain, seizures and […]