27th June 2018

Update on South African Cannabis Legislation

Many people are awaiting an update on South African cannabis legislation. And while the nation awaits the Constitutional Court’s decision around the ownership, use and cultivation of cannabis, many South Africans are dabbling in cannabis anyway. The South African cannabis legislation is in limbo. Citizens are daily caught and charged with possession of cannabis because there is no finality on a few clauses in the law. Invalid Sections in South African Drug Legislation The Western Cape High Court ruled last year that some sections of the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act, and the Medicines Act, are not valid. These sections need to be revised as it is not fair to ban the use of cannabis by adults in their private homes. Once the Constitutional Court has decided that these clauses are indeed invalid, then adults will be allowed to grow, own and use cannabis in the privacy of their own […]
15th March 2018

Business Bites the Cannabis Cookie

Business Bites the Cannabis Cookie Big businesses are saying that investing in cannabis is probably the biggest thing they will do since the internet! So are more businesses going to bite the cannabis cookie and get high? Many potential entrepreneurs and funders seen cannabis as a huge cookie they want to bite into – there are profits to be made. And because this is a relatively new business with more destinations becoming legal cannabis growers and sellers, the business side of cannabis will still develop. Cannabis and its Reputation But cannabis does still have a bad name in many states of the USA and in places like South Africa, where it is still illegal. In South Africa, citizens may grow and use cannabis at home but may not be seen using it as a recreational drug in public. And the medical cannabis industry has yet to hear the final findings […]
14th February 2018

Latest News about Legalising Cannabis in South Africa

Latest News about Legalising Cannabis in South Africa Many cannabis users are very confused about the latest news about legalising cannabis in South Africa. There were only snippets of news towards the end of 2017 and now, in the dawn of 2018, no real news, no real updates. What is the latest news surrounding the legalities of cannabis in South Africa? We all know that cannabis remains illegal in the country except for the private use and cultivation of the herb at home. You may grow and smoke it at home but it may not be grown, produced or sold on a commercial scale. According to the South African Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act No. 140 of 1993, cannabis is listed under “Undesirable Dependence-Producing Substances” and is illegal. But so many people think it is legal because they can use it at home. Meanwhile, the state is appealing the judgement […]