13th Dec 2018

What is Medical Cannabis Oil and Why Has it Been Legalised?

What is medical cannabis oil and why has it been legalised? Medical cannabis oil can be a strain of cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or a combination of the two. These dominant cannabinoids in cannabis oil are healing chemical compounds and benefit the human body and mind. The legalising of cannabis oil is essential if we are to let go of our dependence on bulk opiates. Pain killers are killing people in America as the opiate epidemic grows. People get depressed, they are in pain, they take a pain killer. Medical Cannabis Oil has No Side Effects Now is the time to try alternative medication like cannabis products. Cannabis oil has no side effects. While THC is psychoactive, a blend of THC and CBD is not. CBD is anti-psychotic. South Africa has recently legalised the use of cannabis at home, in a private space.People constantly debate this hot topic. More […]